Monday, 15 June 2015

Damn, he's a sexy Hitch.

3 FILMS OVER 3 NIGHTS...Y'all know it's true.

Alfred Hitchcock was a man of Leytonstone, son of a green grocer and unquestionably the most famous film directors of all time... and yet, all I've seemed to manage today is achieving a minor skin burn on my index finger.


Get your priorities straight, Caitlin.

Now we all know two things: this man Hitch was a genius, and London Town does Pop-Up Cinema events like Julie Andrews does swinging an empty suitcase, i.e well.

But this Summer, East London is really knocking it out of the park - and right over the fence into the most convenient cemetery.

*Sorry, Vicar!

Tickets are on sale now for this popcorn-fueled marathon of thrills, spills & not so many quills this July. 

Cancel all your plans, there's even a specially named ice cream in stock! #Chilling.

So bring your blanket & lock up your Mothers. Even you, Norman.
...Leytonstone just got Hitchy.


Why not track my tweets up to the big day? (Yes, I'm sure I'll squeeze in cat picture if you're lucky).

Seven blessings to you all!

Leytonstone Arts Trail

Well, this is cool/embarrassing...

I gone did a radio interview!
Poetry collides with Art this July! #TheThingThatKeepsUs. 

P.S A prize if you can spot my hand! #Famous

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Meanwhile @ Planet London ...

A Moment With...Felicia Day: Buffy Star on all things Supernatural, Geekdom & Discovering Her Likeness in a Lump of Cheese

Actor, writer and all-round awesome human being, Felicia Day must have a To-Do list the expanse of deep space nine.
Star of Supernatural, Buffy and The Guild, she's not only a talent to watch but a woman to follow.
Luckily for us, last Saturday was booked well in advance. 
Planet London found 60 seconds to check in with the fiery redhead at this year's biggest and best MCM London Comic Con yet.
Things got cheesy… 
Well, hello Felicia, and a hearty welcome to London!
You have the best one-liners in Supernatural. We love you as Charlie in the show! She's definitely my favourite female lead. Everyone is buzzing to see you make an appearance this weekend.
I'm fascinated to know: You’ve previously said, Charlie's "sexuality is just an aspect of her character, not a defining characteristic." We love that! Is this important for you to convey on screen?
Felicia Day
I love the fact I’m part of a world that can encourage people to be who they are – even if I’m not right there in their world, or next door. The online world is next door to a lot of people, and empowering them. Sure, it’s important to point out differences, but especially important to equalise.
She must be such a fun character to play. 
So, Felicia Day...or should we call you, ‘Queen of All Geek' and bow down humbly There must be a few Marvel TV shows or films you’ve got your eye on of late…
I would love to be in Agent Carter. I love Period Dramas. I especially think I’d suit one of those hats! (Laughs) I would love to be in Gotham, or a comedy.
Now we know you love Comic Con. I mean, who doesn't? But what is so great about events like this?
Escapist worlds attract me, rather than real ones: Comic Con combines the two. It’s a space where people can step out of the online world and into the real.
It’s great that it provides a space for people to meet each other. Geek should be open: Geek is everyone. It’s important not to pigeon hole people. It’s become a culture and a community, as well as an platform for self-expression.
I think it’s very important to have. Here, we're allowed to like what we want and not be shamed out of it.
You sure have one devoted fan base! What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen your face on?
So, so much! Someone once carved my face into a piece of cheese! (Laughs)
That’s amazing, definitely a high point of your career!
We are mega excited to hear about your new writing venture, Felicia. Tell us about your book, You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)
It’s really a memoir, about how I grew up as a weird child, and then finding the internet and being able to express it.
We can't wait to read it! Felicia Day
Can you pin-point the crazy, weirdest thing to happen to you on the internet?
All the fan fiction stuff I’ve read on the internet! I love it, and that there are people who have named their new puppy after my character!
Charlie would be a super cute name...
Are there any words of wisdom you live by, Felicia?
 “The way you do one thing... is the way you do everything.”
I mean, when I don’t want to change toilet roll, I always think: if I don’t have a clean bathroom, I won’t have a good career! (Laughs)
Enjoy the rest of Comic Con, and try not to get any drunken tattoos while you’re here!
Professional scribbler and wearer of scarves, Caitlin is a freelance, comedy blogger and aspiring great lesbian novelist. *So she likes to think. 
When Caitlin is not picking her brain for a half-decent poem, or tip-toeing around potentially hazardous social situations, she is ordering raspberry daiquiris and re-watching the L Word. Again. Follow her on Twitter@caitlin_maggs and Instagram Caitlin.M.Maggs. You may be sorry.

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