Monday, 15 June 2015

Damn, he's a sexy Hitch.

3 FILMS OVER 3 NIGHTS...Y'all know it's true.

Alfred Hitchcock was a man of Leytonstone, son of a green grocer and unquestionably the most famous film directors of all time... and yet, all I've seemed to manage today is achieving a minor skin burn on my index finger.


Get your priorities straight, Caitlin.

Now we all know two things: this man Hitch was a genius, and London Town does Pop-Up Cinema events like Julie Andrews does swinging an empty suitcase, i.e well.

But this Summer, East London is really knocking it out of the park - and right over the fence into the most convenient cemetery.

*Sorry, Vicar!

Tickets are on sale now for this popcorn-fueled marathon of thrills, spills & not so many quills this July. 

Cancel all your plans, there's even a specially named ice cream in stock! #Chilling.

So bring your blanket & lock up your Mothers. Even you, Norman.
...Leytonstone just got Hitchy.


Why not track my tweets up to the big day? (Yes, I'm sure I'll squeeze in cat picture if you're lucky).

Seven blessings to you all!

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