Wednesday, 9 December 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like - oh, god...

Sorry, Barclays...
Go home, Hitch... You're drunk
Tis' the season to be jolly - and graffiti your local shops, banks and hardware stores with some dodgy looking Hitchcock silhouettes. It appears.

... I did try with a stencil first, ok!?

I have shaky hands.

So, I may now forever be refused to open a current account with Barclays... But I least I got some decent half-decent blog content out of it! Silver linings?

After my spray paint melted down the side of their wheelchair ramp at 11:03pm, it dawned on me... this might be something worth sharing with my little world.

Now, what is that lunatic Maggs-ter up to this time, you may or may not be asking yourself?

Well, your answer is as good as here. 

And this time, things are getting festive...

With a mere 11 days to go until the big day that is Hitchcock's Home Does Christmas, there's no better time to rope in your friends, family and questionably-related relatives for a Sunday of mulled wine, The Muppets and enough treats and tinsel and to crack a smile even on the big man himself... Michael Caine. (Of course).

Leytonstone, unbeknownst to some as the birthplace of Sir Alfred Hitchcock, is hosting a local community event on Sunday 20th... in the name of Christmas and top-quality cinema!

We'll be showing Father Christmas & The Snowman at 12:30pm, followed up by The Muppets' Christmas Carol at 4pm and the spooky-dookie Gremlins at 7:30pm for the bigger kids. 

Paying homage to the filmic legacy of the Master of Suspense himself - and just any excuse to hold a cracker of a party - we can't wait to cosy up on the last Sunday before the big day.

Check it!
3 films, 1 day; expect magic, mulled wine and even a me mulling about... doubtless, glugging enough to see me happy until the New Year... 

I've been scaling walls, drainpipes, risking my actual neck and loitering on street corners to help spread the word to anyone who will listen/resist calling security. 

So, dig out that embarrassing knitwear AND nab your tackiest Santa hat from the Pound Store... E11 3AD has Christmas all wrapped up.

I tried to dress up as The Snowman... I failed. 


Follow us on Twitter to catch the latest Muppet post from your own resident Muppet. You will be disappointed. 

Tickets & more information is a click away! 

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Meanwhile @ Planet London... Cake Out!

A Moment of Sapho-Searching With...Wegan: Power Couple on all things love, dating & THE launch party to end all launch parties...

Published on Planet London's Pretty-in-Pink Site, on 22.11.15

Lezbehonest, finding femmes ain't always easy.

I'll be the first to raise my hand and say the search for lipstick-love isn't a ride in the park at the best of times...

I mean, most nights you're in better luck of spotting a unicorn on a full moon, playing Scrabble.

Yes, Scrabble.
But, fear fellow lady-lovers... YouTubers, Megan Evans and Whitney Bacon - collaboratively known as Wegan -  are here to make our love lives that the incy bit easier.

Much like the work of some Wonder Women...or GODS... the pair have dreamt up the ultimate solution to our woes.

Say a hearty hello to  Find Femmes

The new dating website that brings together fem lesbians from far & wide.


And guess what?! I was lucky enough to get an invite to their London launch party! 

Horray, X2! 
During the night, I found a cheeky moment or two to have natter with the girls..
...And let me add before news hits the press... I may have had to be air-lifted out by 11pm as a matter of emergency...
Their cake was that GOOD... Ok?!

Hey, Hey, Wegan! It's so amazing to finally meet you both.
I have actually just signed up to Find Femmes today, and have to say I am mega excited to be apart of the community! I'd love to know what you think makes your site different from other dating websites out there?
There's no other site that really does what we do.
We used to get asked all the time by our followers, "how do we find a femme lesbian?" and "how did you find each other?" And we never really had a reply to give!
We were so frustrated that we didn’t have a clear cut answer and thought to ourselves, “What can do we do to help?”
People were always asking how we met, and we were getting a real impression from them - and of course from our own experiences - of just how difficult it is to meet feminine girls out there. 
And thus, Find Femmes was born!

Yes! And you yourselves met on MySpace, right?
We did! Back in 2006. I mean, how we found each other was actually online! 
We are so lucky to have found love, and now we just want to help others find what we have. 
That's so lovely. I believe you have another reason to party tonight, girls? 
Yes, we do indeed! We recently celebrated seven years of being together, and our third Civil Partnership anniversary. It feels like we've known each other forever! It's gone so fast. It's hard to believe...
Oh, amazing! Congratulations both of you.
Ahh, thank you!
And I love your reasons for creating Find Femmes. 
I can't wait to have a proper go later on! It looks like a lot of time and energy has gone into it's creation. Can we expect to see a Find Femmes app soon?
We hope so! It's all very new and exciting. There are lots of plans being discussed at the moment... Stay tuned! 
This party really feels like a celebration of everything falling into place for you both... a party, and also a recognition for a sparkling lesbian identity that's so often overlooked and made invisible...One of pink and prettiness! It's brilliant to see...

We're so happy you're having fun!

Your dresses -  and Muse Soho - both look stunning tonight! We can't wait to see the vlog...
 And I have to say, I am loving all the glitter!
Thanks so much! We've spent a lot of time planning it. Now we're so excited to see it all come together!
 I bet. And those balloons...and CAKES.
 Well, I am one happy blogger.

Lipstick Lesbian, anyone?!

*I may - or may not - make a drunken appearance*
Documenting their journey from long distance  sweethearts , to happily-ever-afters & I-Do's, Megan and Whitney now live blissfully together in the UK and continue to share their inspirational love story with the world wide web via their YouTube channel, What Wegan Did Next. Check it!


Hit up Wegan's channel here!


Thursday, 8 October 2015

Keep on Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'...

A Moment of Madness With...Matt King: Super Skater on all things flips, tricks & speaking to his cat in a French accent. 


I mean, he even played the 'real' baby-blader in that Evian advert. 

                  A Cat, A Matt & Me

You remember... the one with the babies. 

Now if that's not a sign of success, I don't know what is.

Once World Champion - and many times titled Best in Britain - Matt King has made himself at home in more thrones than I have Burrito Bars. 

And that's saying something...

From running his own chain of skate shops for 10 years, to acing his role as Trax in the acclaimed musical Starlight Express, it seems there's no braking-the-pace for this man of king-size ambition.

Let's steal him a sec, shall we...

Yo Matt! What's happening brother?! Tell us about the time long, long ago when you first got into skating...

I've always had an interest in doing stupid things as a kid. From sliding down the stairs in a cardboard box, to climbing trees to see just how high I could get!

It's crazy, really! 

My parents had an interest, too, which definitely sparked it for me. 
Even though she's four years older than me, growing up alongside my handicapped sister - who can't talk, but loved to skate - I used to practice outside with her all the time.

I gradually got better.


Really, I just like the freedom of it. Walking around is boring, but when you skating it feels like gliding.

It was also dangerous. That's what excited me about it... the danger.
And of course, gliding around is much more fun!

What is the name of your famous flip for those that don't know?

I call it 'The King Flip.' 

Skaters gonna skate
Back in around 2001 or 2002, I was practicing a trick called the 'Clock Flip.' It was at a place called Play Station Skate Park in West London, that's still there today actually.

Accidently, I 180'd and landed backwards on the trick, which made it something entirely different. 
My friend Joey Egan was quick to name it. Little did I know, I had created a new flip!

That's so cool! It must have felt incredible, right?

It had all happened by total accident; I was really amazed and excited! 
I wanted to show everyone, and it became my thing. 

Everywhere I went; competitions, skate parks... it was all about " the King Flip, the King Flip!" It was an exciting time.

For any newbie skaters out there, have you got any wise words? Personally, I feel elbow pads go far...speaking from experience.

My advice for beginner skaters would be to keep your knees bent and always lean forward.

For those that really want to make it and go places, it would be to never give up, dream big and don't settle for less.

Keep trying to think about things no one has done before!

I would always say that if you get injured doing a trick, do it again as soon as possible. Once I missed the 'King Flip' and knocked out a front tooth. All the skaters around me were hunting on the ground for it. As soon as they found it, I put it in my pocket and got back to doing the trick again! Even though I was terrified, I had to do it.
You can risk getting a mental block and a real fear of a trick if you don't get back up and try again.
"Kiss me goodbye, I'm defying gravity!"
But most of all, find those tricks you love doing and do it because you love them. Make them your own, you know.

Aspire to lead the pack, not follow. 

Do you have a favorite catch phrase or saying?

'BOOM!' is something I like to say a lot at the moment! (Laughs). I like to say a lot of things.

I mean, "Yumarama five thousand" is something I like to say when I eat something amazing or new.

If this is confession time, I like to speak to my kitten Pepper in a French accent...

As one does!  

(Laughs) She's 15 weeks old and a fan of tin-foil football!

Henry David also has a quote that I really like come to think of it — 'Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined.'

Pepper missed her audition for The Lion King, and is a bit peeved to say the least...

Sweet, man! So, do you have any appearances coming up in the future?
Under contract, I can't talk too much about it. But there's a lot of exciting things in the pipeline. It's all pretty hush, hush for now.
There's a possible involvement with a primetime TV show and even a tour in the Caribbean next year. 
And just a week ago, I finished filming for ITV's Friday night prank show 'Off Their Rockers.'

Check it out.


Recently ranked in the Top 100 All-Time Skaters, Matt King is no stranger to success. 

Personally, I think it's the Evian advert that got things rolling...

Professional scribbler and wearer of scarves, Caitlin is a freelance, comedy blogger and aspiring great lesbian novelist. *So she likes to think. 
When Caitlin is not picking her brain for a half-decent poem, or tip-toeing around potentially hazardous social situations, she is ordering raspberry daiquiris and re-watching the L Word. Again. Follow her on Twitter @caitlin_maggs and Instagram Caitlin.M.Maggs. You may be sorry.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Damn, he's a sexy Hitch.

3 FILMS OVER 3 NIGHTS...Y'all know it's true.

Alfred Hitchcock was a man of Leytonstone, son of a green grocer and unquestionably the most famous film directors of all time... and yet, all I've seemed to manage today is achieving a minor skin burn on my index finger.


Get your priorities straight, Caitlin.

Now we all know two things: this man Hitch was a genius, and London Town does Pop-Up Cinema events like Julie Andrews does swinging an empty suitcase, i.e well.

But this Summer, East London is really knocking it out of the park - and right over the fence into the most convenient cemetery.

*Sorry, Vicar!

Tickets are on sale now for this popcorn-fueled marathon of thrills, spills & not so many quills this July. 

Cancel all your plans, there's even a specially named ice cream in stock! #Chilling.

So bring your blanket & lock up your Mothers. Even you, Norman.
...Leytonstone just got Hitchy.


Why not track my tweets up to the big day? (Yes, I'm sure I'll squeeze in cat picture if you're lucky).

Seven blessings to you all!

Leytonstone Arts Trail

Well, this is cool/embarrassing...

I gone did a radio interview!
Poetry collides with Art this July! #TheThingThatKeepsUs. 

P.S A prize if you can spot my hand! #Famous

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Meanwhile @ Planet London ...

A Moment With...Felicia Day: Buffy Star on all things Supernatural, Geekdom & Discovering Her Likeness in a Lump of Cheese

Actor, writer and all-round awesome human being, Felicia Day must have a To-Do list the expanse of deep space nine.
Star of Supernatural, Buffy and The Guild, she's not only a talent to watch but a woman to follow.
Luckily for us, last Saturday was booked well in advance. 
Planet London found 60 seconds to check in with the fiery redhead at this year's biggest and best MCM London Comic Con yet.
Things got cheesy… 
Well, hello Felicia, and a hearty welcome to London!
You have the best one-liners in Supernatural. We love you as Charlie in the show! She's definitely my favourite female lead. Everyone is buzzing to see you make an appearance this weekend.
I'm fascinated to know: You’ve previously said, Charlie's "sexuality is just an aspect of her character, not a defining characteristic." We love that! Is this important for you to convey on screen?
Felicia Day
I love the fact I’m part of a world that can encourage people to be who they are – even if I’m not right there in their world, or next door. The online world is next door to a lot of people, and empowering them. Sure, it’s important to point out differences, but especially important to equalise.
She must be such a fun character to play. 
So, Felicia Day...or should we call you, ‘Queen of All Geek' and bow down humbly There must be a few Marvel TV shows or films you’ve got your eye on of late…
I would love to be in Agent Carter. I love Period Dramas. I especially think I’d suit one of those hats! (Laughs) I would love to be in Gotham, or a comedy.
Now we know you love Comic Con. I mean, who doesn't? But what is so great about events like this?
Escapist worlds attract me, rather than real ones: Comic Con combines the two. It’s a space where people can step out of the online world and into the real.
It’s great that it provides a space for people to meet each other. Geek should be open: Geek is everyone. It’s important not to pigeon hole people. It’s become a culture and a community, as well as an platform for self-expression.
I think it’s very important to have. Here, we're allowed to like what we want and not be shamed out of it.
You sure have one devoted fan base! What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen your face on?
So, so much! Someone once carved my face into a piece of cheese! (Laughs)
That’s amazing, definitely a high point of your career!
We are mega excited to hear about your new writing venture, Felicia. Tell us about your book, You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)
It’s really a memoir, about how I grew up as a weird child, and then finding the internet and being able to express it.
We can't wait to read it! Felicia Day
Can you pin-point the crazy, weirdest thing to happen to you on the internet?
All the fan fiction stuff I’ve read on the internet! I love it, and that there are people who have named their new puppy after my character!
Charlie would be a super cute name...
Are there any words of wisdom you live by, Felicia?
 “The way you do one thing... is the way you do everything.”
I mean, when I don’t want to change toilet roll, I always think: if I don’t have a clean bathroom, I won’t have a good career! (Laughs)
Enjoy the rest of Comic Con, and try not to get any drunken tattoos while you’re here!
Professional scribbler and wearer of scarves, Caitlin is a freelance, comedy blogger and aspiring great lesbian novelist. *So she likes to think. 
When Caitlin is not picking her brain for a half-decent poem, or tip-toeing around potentially hazardous social situations, she is ordering raspberry daiquiris and re-watching the L Word. Again. Follow her on Twitter@caitlin_maggs and Instagram Caitlin.M.Maggs. You may be sorry.

Check out more of Caitlin Maggs' escapades over at Planet London@PlanetLondon 
PLUS! Let me know YOUR #DatingDisasters. I promise not to laugh (much).

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Leytonstone Arts Trail

Here Comes the Sun...

Soak it up on the Fourth of July


Bring on the Arts' Trail, E11

Leytonstone is sunshine ready.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Over @

Dear Desperate Diary...

Send help.
So, I gave myself the ginormous, balance­-crushing budget of a pound a day for food, for a week. The Ritz for dinner, it might not be. 
*NTS: Cancel my table, Giles.
But all jokes aside, it means a lot to me... this little project.  
It’s an important personal test of apathy with the hungry, strength of will, and an undeniable uncloaking of terrible food wasting/ indulgent lifestyle many of us (including myself) wallow in daily.
*Cue the violins and self-­orchestrated choir.
But did you know, we throw so much food away it could feed the entire world’s hungry population? Wasting this food costs £470 a year for the average household. We even blogged about it with our Top Tips for Reducing Food waste.  
So, it’s about time to rethink food waste and tackle these rumbling issues head-on.  
While it’s a challenge for me, it’s a reality for many.
I want to see if I can do it.
Every day on this week long challenge I’ll be blogging, tweeting and begging for scraps on my nearest and dearests’ doorsteps. I must tell you all this right now; resist.
While I may have those puppy-­dog-­Anglo­-Irish eyes all Bake-­Off loving grannies can’t resist, rest assured: this puppy can bite.
I WILL eat you out of house and home... and house again. Be warned.
For a peanut butter cup binge eater...this will certainly be hard. But do this, I must.
Ready, steady...cook! (On a teeny, tiny, weenie budget)... 

*Stomach rumble.

So that’s really it. Let My £1 a Day Challenge...COMMENCE! 

Day One

Dear Desperate Diary,

Here goes nothing... Literally.

Even your milky white pages are reminding me of cake frosting, or Betty Crocker's table spread 

…Is that a sponge cake I spy on the horizon?

No, it’s just a meringue.

Well, it’s Day One and all is going reasonably smoothly.

By 6pm, I was still in budget:

20p for a porridge breakfast, another 20p for second porridge breakfast 2 hours later, 25p for a fish fillet, 10p for a portion of frozen vegetables and 20p for the boiled potatoes. That’s 95p for the day. Not bad going, huh?

Truth be told, I found myself doing a lot of Math in the frozen section of the supermarket...and salivating in front bakery shop windows most of the time. *Apologises. I’ll bring window cleaner tomorrow, Greggs.

Stocking up my freezer and cupboards with one big shop, I even have left aside a little leg-room in my budget for fresh ingredients when needed.

Right now, it's 9:40pm and I’m craving something smothered in chocolate and/or marshmallows.

But all in all, I had a balanced and filling meal.

Let’s see if I can keep this up.


Chocolate fingers, and toes, crossed for me.


P.S Are tea-bags an essential item?

Tweet me your support, and sandwiches @caitlin_maggs.

Professional scribbler and wearer of scarves, Caitlin is a freelance, comedy blogger and aspiring great lesbian novelist. *So she likes to think.

When Caitlin is not picking her brain for a half-decent poem, or tip-toeing around potentially hazardous social situations, she is ordering raspberry daiquiris and re-watching the L Word. Again. Follow her on Twitter @caitlin_maggs and Instagram Caitlin.M.Maggs. You may be sorry.