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Meanwhile @ Planet London... Cake Out!

A Moment of Sapho-Searching With...Wegan: Power Couple on all things love, dating & THE launch party to end all launch parties...

Published on Planet London's Pretty-in-Pink Site, on 22.11.15

Lezbehonest, finding femmes ain't always easy.

I'll be the first to raise my hand and say the search for lipstick-love isn't a ride in the park at the best of times...

I mean, most nights you're in better luck of spotting a unicorn on a full moon, playing Scrabble.

Yes, Scrabble.
But, fear fellow lady-lovers... YouTubers, Megan Evans and Whitney Bacon - collaboratively known as Wegan -  are here to make our love lives that the incy bit easier.

Much like the work of some Wonder Women...or GODS... the pair have dreamt up the ultimate solution to our woes.

Say a hearty hello to  Find Femmes

The new dating website that brings together fem lesbians from far & wide.


And guess what?! I was lucky enough to get an invite to their London launch party! 

Horray, X2! 
During the night, I found a cheeky moment or two to have natter with the girls..
...And let me add before news hits the press... I may have had to be air-lifted out by 11pm as a matter of emergency...
Their cake was that GOOD... Ok?!

Hey, Hey, Wegan! It's so amazing to finally meet you both.
I have actually just signed up to Find Femmes today, and have to say I am mega excited to be apart of the community! I'd love to know what you think makes your site different from other dating websites out there?
There's no other site that really does what we do.
We used to get asked all the time by our followers, "how do we find a femme lesbian?" and "how did you find each other?" And we never really had a reply to give!
We were so frustrated that we didn’t have a clear cut answer and thought to ourselves, “What can do we do to help?”
People were always asking how we met, and we were getting a real impression from them - and of course from our own experiences - of just how difficult it is to meet feminine girls out there. 
And thus, Find Femmes was born!

Yes! And you yourselves met on MySpace, right?
We did! Back in 2006. I mean, how we found each other was actually online! 
We are so lucky to have found love, and now we just want to help others find what we have. 
That's so lovely. I believe you have another reason to party tonight, girls? 
Yes, we do indeed! We recently celebrated seven years of being together, and our third Civil Partnership anniversary. It feels like we've known each other forever! It's gone so fast. It's hard to believe...
Oh, amazing! Congratulations both of you.
Ahh, thank you!
And I love your reasons for creating Find Femmes. 
I can't wait to have a proper go later on! It looks like a lot of time and energy has gone into it's creation. Can we expect to see a Find Femmes app soon?
We hope so! It's all very new and exciting. There are lots of plans being discussed at the moment... Stay tuned! 
This party really feels like a celebration of everything falling into place for you both... a party, and also a recognition for a sparkling lesbian identity that's so often overlooked and made invisible...One of pink and prettiness! It's brilliant to see...

We're so happy you're having fun!

Your dresses -  and Muse Soho - both look stunning tonight! We can't wait to see the vlog...
 And I have to say, I am loving all the glitter!
Thanks so much! We've spent a lot of time planning it. Now we're so excited to see it all come together!
 I bet. And those balloons...and CAKES.
 Well, I am one happy blogger.

Lipstick Lesbian, anyone?!

*I may - or may not - make a drunken appearance*
Documenting their journey from long distance  sweethearts , to happily-ever-afters & I-Do's, Megan and Whitney now live blissfully together in the UK and continue to share their inspirational love story with the world wide web via their YouTube channel, What Wegan Did Next. Check it!


Hit up Wegan's channel here!


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