Wednesday, 9 December 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like - oh, god...

Sorry, Barclays...
Go home, Hitch... You're drunk
Tis' the season to be jolly - and graffiti your local shops, banks and hardware stores with some dodgy looking Hitchcock silhouettes. It appears.

... I did try with a stencil first, ok!?

I have shaky hands.

So, I may now forever be refused to open a current account with Barclays... But I least I got some decent half-decent blog content out of it! Silver linings?

After my spray paint melted down the side of their wheelchair ramp at 11:03pm, it dawned on me... this might be something worth sharing with my little world.

Now, what is that lunatic Maggs-ter up to this time, you may or may not be asking yourself?

Well, your answer is as good as here. 

And this time, things are getting festive...

With a mere 11 days to go until the big day that is Hitchcock's Home Does Christmas, there's no better time to rope in your friends, family and questionably-related relatives for a Sunday of mulled wine, The Muppets and enough treats and tinsel and to crack a smile even on the big man himself... Michael Caine. (Of course).

Leytonstone, unbeknownst to some as the birthplace of Sir Alfred Hitchcock, is hosting a local community event on Sunday 20th... in the name of Christmas and top-quality cinema!

We'll be showing Father Christmas & The Snowman at 12:30pm, followed up by The Muppets' Christmas Carol at 4pm and the spooky-dookie Gremlins at 7:30pm for the bigger kids. 

Paying homage to the filmic legacy of the Master of Suspense himself - and just any excuse to hold a cracker of a party - we can't wait to cosy up on the last Sunday before the big day.

Check it!
3 films, 1 day; expect magic, mulled wine and even a me mulling about... doubtless, glugging enough to see me happy until the New Year... 

I've been scaling walls, drainpipes, risking my actual neck and loitering on street corners to help spread the word to anyone who will listen/resist calling security. 

So, dig out that embarrassing knitwear AND nab your tackiest Santa hat from the Pound Store... E11 3AD has Christmas all wrapped up.

I tried to dress up as The Snowman... I failed. 


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