Sunday, 4 September 2016

Brews & News with Beth Prior

Pop the kettle on, luv… and have a mug of #GreenTea
Haa! Yes indeed!!

Hello, BETH! First off, the new single…Green Tea… just wow! How does it feel for it to finally be out? It’s totally taken off!

Its a relief to be honest, it's been a long time 'a comin'! Muchos apologies to my fanbase, as most of you know, the album was supposed to be released in Spring, but was delayed due to a serious family illness – unfortunately we lost that family member, but releasing this ball of love that the album has become is doing it's best to help heal the wounds. And I can't even begin to tell you how over the moon I am with the reception it's had so far. I take my work very seriously and of course personally, so it really hits me in the heart when the music is well received. #grateful

Thanks SO MUCH for being my first #Brews&News! I first saw you perform at LFest this Summer! How have things been since then?
Really, really good and REALLY BUSY! This full-time musician thing's no spliff in the park eh??!? Lfest was a very special gig for me for a couple of reasons, obviously because playing to a big-ass tent full of lesbians is a pretty rare and wonderful opportunity, and because, well, they're a bloody lovely crowd!
Also on a more work related note, as an independent artist it feels like you spend all of your time trying to (figure out how to) build the stage to actually play on, the playing unfortunately comes last! #AdminHell! Lfest 2016 was the first time I'd ever played live with my collective, so it was a really special moment. It felt like we finally got to stand on the metaphorical stage we've been building (and it didn't collapse!) In fact, I heard the news yesterday that I'd been short-listed in two categories for an Lfest Award! “New to You” and “Band/Artist of 2016” - Pretty nice huh?
Since then, and very recently actually the album was released!

Taking off, big time!
Yup! As of the 1st of this month! 'Little Acts of Kindness' is out in the world! In the past few months I've felt probably as close as I'll ever feel to being heavily pregnant and yearning for an induction!... too much info... sorry!!

Haha! Over-share is the best kind of sharing... ;)

First Lemonade, now Green Tea…It's all about those liquids this year! You’re definitely making Queen Be proud with your tasty title. What are you reasons behind the stella-choice of cuppa? Other than it’s awesomeness, of course.

Haa yeah for sure!!
Umm...Well, you know the lyric says “Put down ya pint, have a mug'a green tea” ? In all honesty I'd prefer to keep the pint ;)

In the song, green tea is symbolic of wellness. We all know what would be best for us, but we don't always choose it.. The song was written in a time in my life when I was struggling to see beyond the bullshit and getting caught up in cyclones of drama which in hindsight, were not 'my stuff'. Green Tea' is about choosing your own happiness based on you, not anyone else. In reality, it's none of our business what anyone thinks of us or how they react. It helps keep me sane to remember that no-one else is responsible for my actions and reactions. They are mine.
In my past I've found myself making questionable choices, when I know what's really right for me...and in terms of happiness, well I've found the more grateful you are, the more you have to be grateful for. I would have struggled to believe that back then... Now I do, in abundance.

Inspiring! We love you too much, Beth.

Now you’re heading on tour my little birds tell me?

Yes indeedy!! That's what all the hard work's been about! We're heading off on a short, sharp southern UK tour THIS month!!! I say 'we' because there'll be 10 of us altogether in the tour bus. What a right ol 'rabble we are too!! I'm absolutely chuffed to fuck about how incredible my team are. Without their hard work and proper 'grown-up' professionalism I don't know where I'd be !
We'll be playing to six packed out little venues! (At least that's the plan!) If you've got any reggae/dub lovin mates you'll send em over right love? ;) Send em the ticket link!!!

Ooo, please do spill the beans on what inspired the awesome reggae vibes on the album? You’ve gotta be an ole’ Bob fan, right?! Sunday chill vibes.

Yeah absolutely love him! Godfather of reggae in the spotlight and what an INCREDIBLE songwriter!!!
However Bob is the tip of the iceberg in terms of my inspiration, lots of varied types of music have conspired to create 'Little Acts of Kindness' from The Smiths to Lauren Hill, to Gypsy-Swing, acoustic artists like John Martyn and Nick Drake, trip-hop legends like Massive Attack and Portishead and of course the swag of the early work of our late Amy Winehouse. It's in my veins...I just had to make it, reggae is so deeply engrained in my psyche, I've even been told that I tap my foot to the reggae off-beat in my sleep!?!

Today's reggae/dub scene though, oooosh!!! 'Fat Freddy's Drop' 'Natty' and The Cat Empire' for instance are all bands who quite honestly make me cream my pants. Their fusion of reggae with pop, soul, hip-hop, and Latino vibes just sends me to one hell of a blissful place. What can I say, there's just so much good music out there just waiting to be discovered!
On my album, the reggae vibe... well, it's always been there. It's just that until all those lovely people pledged on the crowd-funder it was stuck in my head!!!!!

Little Acts of Kindness is also it’s own Facebook page, and that’s how I first stumbled upon your brilliance! How can people get involved?
Ahh that's so cool!! I can't take all the credit for this amazing project – all the hard work is done by the talented and very lovely artist, Giselle Louise Ryan who was so inspired by Little Acts of Kindness and Stitch Up (two songs from the new album), she led the charge in co-creating the project! Also check out her #LoveLitter – it's cute, kind and carries a message of paying it forward. People can get involved firstly by checking out the page on Facebook ( and giving it a like and a share! Add a meme or an act of kindness that you've done or seen or make suggestions on what kindness you'd like to see people do for each other. We've had some amazing stories and people love sharing the love!

Beautiful! That's what life is all about... #LittleActsOfKindness
This album is all about giving a little back, I want to help spread the good vibes around the place! People do amazing things everyday that go unnoticed and sadly uncelebrated. ALL PROCEEDS from the digital download of the Lil'Acts single will go to my two chosen charities. My own little act of kindness <3

Thanks so much, Beth for taking part on my quick-fire round of 60 second questions. Is there anything else you want to share with readers?
No worries, thanks for having me !!
Thanks so much for checking out this interview and for supporting independent artists. I have a VERY special announcement to make on the tour – so GET YOUR TICKETS, SEE YOU ON TOUR and COME SAY HELLO!!!!

Good luck on tour! I’ll pop the kettle on for when you're back...
Hahahaha! Bring a good ol' brew down to one of the gigs ;)

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