Wednesday, 13 July 2016

My Top 10 #LFestLoves!

...Just 10? Jeepers!

*Scribbles out 100 others...*

Still feeling stuck as to whether-or-not head LFest-way this weekend?

Let my (exceedingly condensed) Top 10 #LFestLoves tip you over to the YES side of the pool.

Here is #HumpDayMotivation... And if that doesn't work. I know Ms. Heather Peace is in attendance. Nudge, nudge.

1. The Fire Pit.

S'more of that please! Nights like this are for LFest was made for... That, and toasted marshmallows.

2. Party, on!

Get ready everybody coz' here we go!

3. New Friends = New Family...


Aww, shucks. LFest is a community, as much as it is a festival!

4. R & R

#FreedomInFestivals A little quiet never hurt nobody. 

5. Movie Magic.

Outdoor late night cinema? Erm...yes!


Arts, Crafts, ZUMBA... and everything else inbetween!

7. Music

Radio 1, eat your heart out.

8. Camping

Breath in the great outdoors... and exhale

9. Comedy

Lesbian Comedians funnier than a very funnier thing.

10. Lastly... GIRLS, 



Did I mention 2,000 lesbians?

Also, GIRLS.

Decided? YAY!

Join the #FacebookLFestival from 1pm Friday when I'll be running the social media show - tweeting, posting and getting stuck in my own sleeping bag live for your entertainment VIA @lfestevents and the LFest Events Facebook page. #LFestTakeOver

Tickets and Day Tickets will be available on the door, or grab them ahead at 

Keep track of the lesbian low-down with #LFestLive and #TweetsFromATent and #Gulp.

I am very, VERY excited.

Tweet at me & send your LFesty pics - I can't wait to share #LFest2016 with you all...

I hope I've convinced you to join the party!

Happy hashtagging, and HAPPY LFEST!

Love Caitlin X

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