Thursday, 10 March 2016

A Camera on the Closet Door

Taking a Sneaky Peek @ the Human Rights Watch Film Festival...

Open any 'what-to-do-in-London-this-week,' and you'll find the Human Rights Watch Film Festival strewn all over its pages like some glorious Smorgasbord of movie masterpieces.


Thumbing through their Programme for the weekend, it's the LGBT screenings  - of course - that are first to catch eye...
Well, I mean, who would have funk it?! 

First up tonight is an intimate glimpse into the life and longings of Larry Kramer. 

Giving voice to a young LGBT generation, Larry’s incredible fight for understanding and equality will finally be shown. And personally, I had no idea...
As an audience, we will track Larry's near-implausible mission to make AIDS a national issue in the mind of blinded society.

Now this is a story to watch.

Equally, I am thrilled to have a ticket for the preview of 'Inside the Chinese Closet.'
Peeping through the key hole at the fake marriage fairs of Shanghai; LGBT men and women appear faced with difficult decisions at the alter...

Individuals must make a choice of adhering to cultural and parental expectations, or breaking conventions in the pursuit of love... A dangerous conundrum. 
I look forward to challenging myself and the comparatively-comfortable gay life I lead, watching these two movies.

Afterall, isn't that what art is best for?

Unsettling and cementing.
The subject matters of the two films are of course of close to home as a lesbian woman.

Nonetheless, I am aware - in many respects - that these films will appear distant and unfamiliar... 

But, alas! Only tonight will tell!
Make sure you book your tickets quick sharp, folks - via the rather useful links below…

And remember - it's the BFI Flare Film Festival next week! 

So don't overeat on the popcorn...

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