Monday, 11 May 2015

Books on Books on Books

on Books...

Imagine a childhood without them. It's like jelly without ice cream, Narnia without snow, Harry without Hogwarts.

Might as well chuck me in Azkaban now.

I fell in love with reading when I was 10, and I honestly don't think I would be writing this blog had I not.

Oh, what a loss to the World Wide Web! *Cue series of pre-recorded whimpers.

But sadly, some kids ain't so lucky.

And THIS needs to change.

So, I'm gonna tick one off the bucket list and bestow upon myself the noble title of 'Book Fairy.'

Before ze magic... We're not in Leyton
anymore, Toto...


Inspired by The Little Library Project, we wanted to do one ourselves...

So, come say hello to's Lil' Library. 

COMING SOON to a Leytonstone near you...

...Geeeett SWAPPING people!

Professional scribbler and wearer of scarves, Caitlin is a freelance, comedy blogger and aspiring great lesbian novelist. *So she likes to think.

When Caitlin is not picking her brain for a half-decent poem, or tip-toeing around potentially hazardous social situations, she is ordering raspberry daiquiris and re-watching the L Word. Again. Follow her on Twitter@caitlin_maggs and Instagram Caitlin.M.Maggs. You may be sorry.

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