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A Moment With...Sonia Leigh: US Singer on all things Pride, Tearing on Tour & That Star-Crush on Sia

Published on Planet London's Pretty-in-Pink Site, on 29.04.15


New from Nashville, Sonia Leigh is ready to take London by storm with her tongue-in-cheek style and powerfully relatable song writing.
Staying true to her country roots  - while adding a fresh & fun spin on the genre – Sonia transcends the traditional country sound to give us something that is fresh and surprising.
And we just couldn’t help rocking out to the insanely catchy ‘When We Are Alone,’ currently nailing radio stations worldwide. Check it out here.*FYI, you WILL get hooked.
Planet London took a moment to catch-up with the star before she headed back home.
Hey Sonia, Awesome gig last night @MuseSoho: How did you find it?
I was surprised to see so many people! They were all screaming out songs, and actually knew the songs playing. The band were loving it too!
You rocked it! ‘When We Are Alone’ is my favourite. Thanks a bunch for playing it.
I saw you singing along in the front!
Haha! That must have been off-putting for you. We love having you here in London Town. How have you found being in the city so far?
I’m loving it, man. I love exploring the city. And I’m just so thankful for all the support and love over here. The support of the fans and media’s really blown up.
It definitely has!
I’m so sad to leave...
Have you had much chance to see any sights, of sample some of London’s LBQ nightlife?
I’ve made the rounds. (Laughs) Nashville hasn’t got a heavy scene like London has. Whereas in Atlanta, it’s also big! I’ll be performing over there for this year’s Pride while on my national tour.
New Soho is where I’ve been this time in London.  I got to let loose in Heaven which was a great night. Especially since most of the time I’ve just had to be in a van. I’ve been to London quite a few times now, and I’ve really enjoyed it the same. I do love MUSE Soho and She Bar, too.  What I love is that they support each other, when you think they would be in competition. But, in fact, they help each other to rise. That’s what it should be about, women empowering women.
For sure! How would you describe your music in just a few words?
Fun, transcending and intense… Also, cheeky.

Your music and song writing feels so rich with personal experience. Would you say this inspires you the most in lyric-writing?
Oh yeah, absolutely. Most of the time I write when I’m going through something: I marinate it, probably ride it out and then solve it by the end of the song.  Love inspires me. Sex inspires me. Beauty, pain, heartache, loss and longing all inspire me, and then I like to put in a spin of hope.
Do you have any role models you look up to?
It changes so much over time: It’s progressive, really. Bruce Springsteen, Sia and The Killers are all artists I am deeply in love with. Nicki Minaj is one of my favourite go-toos.
But then I could also sit listening for hours to those guys I’ve been raised on, and that are tangled in my roots like; Johnny Cash, Stevie Nicks and Janis Joplin…There are just so many!
And Taylor Swift?
I’m so proud of her, what a star! She has handled it all so graciously.
She is a Sagittarius, and I am too! That’s why. (Laughs) So is Sia!
We love that you are proudly out as a lesbian artist. How has this affected your career, if at all?
I’ve never really been asked, or been something that gets raised in the Country market. Back ten years ago in Nashville, everything was hush-hush. Somebody was going to say something. But it’s changing.
I’ve never been in the ‘closet,’ or had to come-out. I’ve never used it as a platform. I’m not that kind of person. To me, it is irrelevant.
Got any big plans for the summer?
When I get back home, I have Key West Florida, a big homecoming show in Georgia and a new track I’ve been building up for release. It’s a big National Tour around the US, which is exciting. Then I’m heading to Nashville and finally back in London June time: In time for Pride! It’ll be amazing to get started on my European Tour.
Gosh, you’ll be busy!
That’s for sure. In the meantime, I’m recording an EP.
So, what’s the last song that had you up and dancing?
I love listening to the Radio over here. I’d say, Going Down For Real [Flo Rida], and some Cheerleader.
Nice. Any embarrassing moments happen to you while on tour? (We promise not to tell).
Oh my gosh, yes. The first time I got into London, I was waiting for my friend to come meet me. So I stepped into a pub to pass the time. When he arrived, I came running straight into a glass door!
The place was really quiet and it made such a thud! It sounded like a bird had flew into it. One girl fell into her plate of food laughing.
Amazing! If you could go for dinner with one celebrity, who would it be?
Cia, hands down. I’ve got my star-crush! (Laughs) I’m so starstruck by her. I just can’t get tired of her music.
Who is your favourite L-Word character?
Shane was awesome. Everyone loved Shane. Definitely Alice too, she was always the one blogging? I really liked her.
Thanks so much for playing in London! When are you coming back? (Please say soon.)
I’m booking a round trip back to London as we speak.  I love the UK. I’m just overwhelmed by the love and support from everyone: the fans, the media and Planet London! It would be amazing to live here. It’s going to be a busy time of national touring around the US first, and then I’m back on June 23rd.
Yay! The day before my birthday.
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