Thursday, 7 May 2015

Pop-Up Cinema: Hitchcock Style


Now, we ALL know London is A* when it comes to Pop-Up Cinema.. I mean, Dirty Dancing on a rooftop, overlooking The Shard, giant PILLOW seats and even novelty showings from a leaky hot tub...


And yet, I'll bet my right arm you haven't experienced anything quite like THIS before... 

Introducing... HITCHCOCK'S HOME!     *It's even got a GRAVEYARD!

Running for 3 nights ONLY: 16th, 17th, 18th July, 2015 - London, E11, @6pm

Hozzah !

So, what's a'happening?

Some 76 years after Hitch packed his bags for Hollywood, we're bringing the man back home to Landan Town.

Join us this Summer as The Master of Suspense himself gets ready to let his hair down and P.A.R.T.Y.

It's gonna blow.

But where do we bookity book?

Best catch your £15 'Early BIRD' Tickets 'fore they fly the nest! *Early 'Bird:' Get it?!....(I know)

Find out ALL the deets on our Official Website. 

*Tombstones included.

Sponsored by: / Make ole' droopy face proud with your BEST Hitch-inspired costumes! Tweet us @HitchcocksHome

Professional scribbler and wearer of scarves, Caitlin is a freelance, comedy blogger and aspiring great lesbian novelist. *So she likes to think.

When Caitlin is not picking her brain for a half-decent poem, or tip-toeing around potentially hazardous social situations, she is ordering raspberry daiquiris and re-watching the L Word. Again. Follow her on Twitter@caitlin_maggs and Instagram Caitlin.M.Maggs. You may be sorry.

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