Sunday, 10 May 2015

Leytonstone Arts Trail

Let's get it onnnn...

Doodles are being a'doodled, writing is being written, and paint is, err... being painted?

Welcome, Leytonstone Arts Trail!


Kinda sorta...

*Suggestions welcome. Seriously.

(I'm not even left-handed) :O

Professional scribbler and wearer of scarves, Caitlin is a freelance, comedy blogger and aspiring great lesbian novelist. *So she likes to think.

When Caitlin is not picking her brain for a half-decent poem, or tip-toeing around potentially hazardous social situations, she is ordering raspberry daiquiris and re-watching the L Word. Again. Follow her on Twitter@caitlin_maggs and Instagram Caitlin.M.Maggs. You may be sorry.

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